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L I V E  W I T H  I N T E N T

Physicians Certified. Athletes Verified

“To whom much is given, much is expected from AXUSCOIN.”   A crypto community which is based on giving back to our supporters and users with a decentralized currency and Healthcare products.
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Be with $AXUS AxusCoin

Invest in crypto, earn rewards, and giving back to the community with the gift of Health


Download  your wallet

Deposit Ethereum to account.



Add THE AxusCoin ($AXUS) token using this contract address



Give some time for the transaction to be confirmed and enjoy being part of $AXUS



Connect Wallet on Uniswap 

Visit and click on "Connect to a Wallet" (top right) to buy on Uniswap with your newly created wallet. Note: If you get an alert message, just check the address number if that is correct and you are good to go.


Swap $ETH to $AXUS

Now just input how many $ETH worth of  $AXUS you want to get. Remember that you need to leave some funds in your wallet is called "GAS" basically the fuel for the transaction. Note: If you get an error, could be slippage - click in the gear icon and increase the slippage tolerance to something between  3% and 5%. If that doesn't work, use round numbers.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

About Us

 A crypto community which is supported by Physicians from across the globe as well as Professional Athletes that provide the highest quality ingredients in the world with state-of-the art development in Health care products.

AxusCoin is focused around an apropos reflection of Albert Schweitzer, “It is a man’s sympathy with all creatures that truly makes him a human.  Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man himself will not find peace.”


This is why AxusCoin is focused on a decentralized sustainable currency which redistributes wealth to those in need.  A portion of the transaction will be sent to a charity, as well as a Perpetual Reward program back to the holders with each transaction. Transactions are locked in liquidity resulting in less circulating AxusCoin increasing the price and value. As well, discounts on all Health care products are exclusive to members holding AxusCoin.


Support Charity


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Each Transation

Product Discount

AXUS Holders


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We Take Pride In Axus Community

Time is the most precious commodity which is a non-renewable resource

Your time will be well spent enriching yourself as well as others in the gift of financial cost savings as well as health which are the two most important pillars of existence.

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AxusCoin Charity donation to Project T.O.U.C.H

Project Touch:
18 years preventing homelessness in our community. Providing shared housing to over 200 single moms, elderly men, women, veterans, families daily.

Project Touch

Project Touch

Project Touch
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AxusCoin-Project TOUCH

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Axus Coin Project TOUCH

Axus Coin Project TOUCH

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Meet Our
Awesome Team


Brian T. McConnell

Senior executive sophisticated in corporate environments,with an emphasis on information technology,healthcare,data and telecommunications services targeted toward fortune 1000 domestic,international business and government accounts.  He is a former professional NFL Player, Unanimous High School All-American, All-Big Ten and member of The Peddie  School, Sports Hall of Fame.  Mr. McConnell serves on the Board of Humanax Acquisitions Corp. and is a Vice President of The NFL Alumni.

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Darren Long

A former NFL and USFL Tight End as well as a 3x All-American. In 1982 he led the NCAA with the most receptions by a Tight End and was 2nd overall in most receptions in a single season. He is a national speaker for athletic programs, corporations, small businesses, etc. He is the host of “Foods For Athletes” a health and wellness radio show that airs worldwide. Darren is also an author and has been seen and heard on multiple television and radio shows.


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Mario Arce

A gifted maven in the crypto and tech world, his ability to overcome obstacles are only surpassed by his strong moral compass. A Natural born creator. At a bright and early age, he has always excelled in whatever he put his mind to and now his mind is set on giving back to society.

Ashley Lee - Axus Coin.jpg

​Yiying Lee

Core PM, serial Entrepreneur which have taken a hand full of companies public. The crypto space has been a very familiar territory for her, especially from the marketing stand-point. Recently, she has been more involved from the charity perspective. Fun loving gamer with a free spirit and a passion for altruism.

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August Malik

A myriad of experience in programming and an engineer by trade who became a VC for tech. As he now, spends most of this time on shores of Bali and has really focused in crypto within the last few years.  Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is watching, he has accomplished so much within a short time.  Giving back to the world is now his main mission.


Our Partners






  Launch of website.
  Create social media channels.

  Prepare for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings
  Creation of an overarching marketing strategy


√  AXUS payments will have a percentage deposited into the donation wallet
√  Expand Admin team to accommodate next phase of growth
√  Multiple partnerships with influencers forged.
√  PR with Charity Partner

  Launch AXUS scholarship


√  Launch merchandising with Partners e-commerce integration for material purchases
√  Hold community poll for the charity of choice
√  Research and development of NFT creation and NFT exchange architecture


√  Strategic partnership with major investment channels
√  Corporate partnership


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