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Win Axus Coins

With the purchase of the products you have won the chance to win up to 1,000 Free cryptocoins on the Ethereum based network.

  1. Please fill out the form including, your full name, contact information and attach a proof of purchase. If administration cannot verify your correct legal name and information than you will be automatically disqualified.


  2. Download your cryptowallet of choice.,eg coinbase wallet, trust wallet…

  3. Email us your QR code and wallet address and if you are selected than you will be airdropped free cryptocoins.

  4. Furthermore, if you are selected as a winner and tweet out as well as give a 5 star review on three different social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram photo with the product or more, than you will be considered to be airdropped even more crypto.  Remember, be Creative the more likes and more social media platforms and views you get the higher the chance you will be selected for more free cryptocoins.  Only one winner per purchase receipt allowed.

       Good Luck!!

      And Remember “Fortes Fortuna Iuvat” Fortune Favors the Brave!!

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